PT AM/NS Indonesia

Service Centre Process

This service centre is capable of handling of CRFH, CRCA, GP, GPSP, EG, HRPO, Blue slit coils and colour coated materials. 

This service centre is aimed to cater to the customer segments which have very high quality and service expectations viz automotive, components manufacturers, white goods, enamel & cookware, precision tubes, electrical stamping, furniture, construction and electrical appliances & panels.

To provide high quality customized products and move up in the niche supply chain, PT AM/NS Indonesia having 2 nos CR Slitter and 2 nos Cut To Length (CTL) lines (Wider and Narrow).

Service Centre facility will use PT AM/NS's cold rolled, CRCA, Galvanized Products and will also be available for tolling requirements. The setup can supply material of thickness ranging from 0.2 mm to 3.2 mm, width from 30 mm to 1380 mm and length from 100 mm to 6000 mm. We aim to be more than just a material supplier, we aim to be a true service provider - to provide a fast, convenient and highly flexible service for customers using smaller quantities of steel on more local level.