PT AM/NS Indonesia


      • Male with 35 years old max
      • Experienced 3 - 5 years in Construction dicipline
      • Bachelor of S1 / D3 Civil Technic
      • Having knowledge about civil CAD and electrical CAD
      • Able to make plan and budget about repairing, construction such as road, building, electrical, water etc
      • Able to work as team and individually
      • Having experienced in Leadership and manage working-time properly
      • Able to communicate in English
      • Willing to work in MM2100 Industry area
  • Mechanic Millwright
      • Male with 37 years old max
      • Degree of STM / D3 / S1 machine Bachelor
      • Experienced 5 - 10 years in Contractor Engineering
      • Able to talk and speak in English
      • Understand and able usage of measurement tools such as Micrometer ID-OD sigmat, dial indicator master level dan bore gauge 
      • Understand all aligment procedure as per ISO standard and cleareance standard 
  • Mechanic Hydrolic
      • Male with 37 years old max
      • Bachelor of Technic Machine of STM / D3 / S1 degree 
      • 5 - 10 years experience and preferable experience at hydraulic distributor or similar dicipline
      • Preferable talk and spoken in English
      • Able to read hydraulic circuit diagram and pneumatic 
      • Able to understand usage variant of DCV, servo valve,pump,relieve valve,reducing valve,accumulator etc
      • Able to work independently and troubleshooting
      • Understand pipe hydraulic installation 
  • Operator machine (Bubut)
      • Male max 37 years old
      • STM / D3 Bachelor of Machine
      • Minimum 3 years experience in same dicipline
      • Englsih languange preferable
      • Deep knowledge with CAD / Design
      • Know and able machining with high tolerance ID/OD Shaft, coupling as per ISO standard
      • Familiar with Sigmat measurement tools Mitrometer inside dan out side,bore gauge,dan dial indicator

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