PT AM/NS Indonesia

Soft Products

To meet the growing needs of the pipe and tube sector, we cater to all diverse requirements ranging from household water pipes to thicker gauge pipes for automotive use. The enamelware requirements comprising mainly of household utensils like pans, cooking vessels, teakettles can be met with PT AM/NS Indonesia's enamel grade CRC.

Office equipment, storage cabinets, home appliances are the typical products in this segment. Our customized process controls are uniquely suited for such applications.

Drums form the core of oil, chemical, asphalt storage and handling systems.

PT AM/NS Indonesia is able to conform to the special surface finish, formability and oiling requirements of this industry.

Our cold rolled soft products are characterized by their excellent formability and ease of drawing along with superior surface finish and excellent flatness tolerance.

PT AMNS Indonesia has a world class Hi-Con annealing facility combined with state-of-the-art skinpass Mill to produce high quality soft steel for niche market segments.


Tubes and Pipe


Furniture and Panels

Drums and Cans

Automotive Parts