PT AM/NS Indonesia

Product Handling

In order to ensure the excellent quality of our products from being impaired during handling and storage, at PT. AM/NS INDONESIA we engage in several crucial procedures:

  • We ensure that storage equipments are kept constantly clean, andcontact areas are smooth and free from protrusions.
  • Preventive measures are taken to avoid the coils' surface and edge being damaged. At the down ending process, the process of rolling coils on the floor is avoided, and tension is maintained to prevent scuffing during uncoiling. All our products are always kept dry during any stage of the transportation.
  • We make weatherproof buildings available for the storage all our end products. Under high humidity condition, we take all the necessary steps to keep condensation under control, and store all products in a well ventilated area.

At PT. AM/NS INDONESIA, we will process or recoiled or dry immediately all materials that accidentally become wet, to prevent quality deterioration.