PT AM/NS Indonesia

Salient Feature

Cold Rolling Mill

  • Technologically advanced 6-Hi UC COLD    reduction cum skin pass mill from    HITACHI, Japan capable of rolling    thickness up to 0.10mm.
  • 4-Hi-BLISS Rolling Mill from USA for    rolling widths up to 1550 mm.Annealing    Furnace
  • Advanced Hydrogen based annealing    facilities from EBNER, Austria for    providing better quality of Soft products.
  • Plant capable of manufacturing high    value-added flat products with ability to    customize products and delivery    schedules.

Galvanizing Line

  • The galvanizing line is the first of its kind in Indonesia comprising all facilities such as NOF Furnace, online skin passing and tension leveling.
  • Chemical treatment of regular chromatin and anti-finger print.
  • Online non-contact coating thickness gauge.
  • Online Video Jet Printer for specifications and product differentiation.
  • Online mini spangle equipment.